A Message from Opeyemi Olajide Olowookere, President and Executive Director of Global Support for Kids Initiative GSK Initiative.  

As President and ED of GSK Initiative, I want to thank you for your interest in joining our work to protect millions of children from abuse and neglect in Nigeria, Africa and world in general.

GSK Initiative is committed to reducing, and eventually ending child abuse and neglect. We know the importance of fighting child abuse so that our work will have lasting impact. We at Global Support for Kids Initiative are committed at improve the health, education and social life our child and young people. We also provide lifesaving assistance during time of crisis, and helping rebuild safer and stronger environment for the children and families. 

There could be nothing rewarding than using your skills and experience to help Vulnerable children expand opportunity for themselves and their families and work with them to fight abuse and neglect and support the struggle for the full implementation of Convention on the Right of the Child and other law that guild and protect children and young people. 

I welcome your interest in joining a diverse, talented, professional, and committed team. Every position at Global Support for Kids Initiative contributes to realizing our overall vision and mission. If you are interested in a career dedicated to building a world that is fit for our children. I encourage you to take a step to support this great work.


Opeyemi Olajide Olowookere
President and Executive Director.


Every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation..


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