Gift in kind


Global Support for Kids Initiative (GSK Initiative) Gift-in-Kind program integrates your organizations donates products or services with our relief, recovery, and ongoing development programs in Nigeria. As an organization dedicated to creating lasting change for children in need, Gifts-in-Kind are important to Global Support for Kids Initiative (GSK Initiative) and make a significant contribution to meaningful results for children. GSK INITIATIVE innovative programming provides a great opportunity for companies, non-governmental organizations and other entities to employ their unique assets to support the leading independent organization for children.

GSK INITIATIVE defines a Gift-in-Kind as a non-cash donation of a good or service. GSK INITIATIVE accepts Gifts-in-Kind that support the fulfillment of its development and humanitarian assistance goals.
Whether it involves donating hygiene kits, donating vitamins, school supplies etc. Our diverse Gift-in-Kind partnerships make a unique impact on communities. There are limitless ways for organizations to engage their products and employees in innovative programs to make a lasting, measurable impact.



Every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation..


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