Liberating Lives, One Child At a Time

GSK Initiative aim to influence and initiate broad, positive change of street connected children and youth at risk through advocacy. Street children are one of the world’s most marginalized population, they face discrimination and are vulnerable to high risk of being harmed, also are denied of their voice.

We have been operating since the year 2003 in Nigeria and our campaigns have recorded tremendous effects to change that. Our organization defend the rights of street connected children, ensuring they can live safe and fulfilled lives.

Advocacy is the main objective of the organization to build a world that respects, care and protects street connected children and youth at risk.

Advocacy For Street Children

Advocacy is the process of creating awareness and gaining widespread support for a particular cause or policy.

At Global Support For Kids Initiative, advocacy means giving the street connected children a voice by demanding that those with power and influence take actions. Our advocacy work engages people, families, communities, individuals, government agencies and organizations. We empower street children to advocate for themselves and make sure they are listened to.

We recognize and emphasize that street children have rights, same as every other child and they should be involved in making decisions about what happens in their lives.

At Global Support For Kids Initiative, we believe in  rights-based advocacy for the street children which include;



We encourage communities, stakeholders and governments to share knowledge and good practice on protecting and promoting the rights of street children with each other through our series of actions with the intention to bring about change.


We  designed  this activities to communicate to communities around us and engage stakeholders in discussions to understand the plight of street children. These initiatives also build awareness and inform the public through the medias

Public awareness and sensitization are usually directed to communities and target stakeholders . This activities take the form of workshops, seminars, webinars, social media publications or other creative expressions to address the menace of street children to our targeted audience. The Benefits of Public Awareness And Sensitization Activities to us at  Global Support For Kids Initiative are