Education Support Programme

The purpose of our Sponsorship programme tend to give hope for brighter future. This programme is designed  for indigent children and children that lost one of their parent as a result of maternal mortality or both parent and are living with their aged grandparent in our society .Throughout their academic pursuit , the organization ensures that their tuition fees and academic needs are provided, also children whose parents are not  financially buoyant  are also beneficiaries of  the programme. GSK Initiative acknowledged full responsibility to enrol these children who drop-out from back to school to create enabling future since education contribute positively to human development.

The Organization carry out back to school programme for in-school indigent students in government schools who are in  needs of educational materials  such as; uniforms, school bags, foot wears, textbooks and writing materials, which   is given out to students at the beginning of each academic session. This serves as a relieve in  their academic pursuit which help them becomes better and brighter.

At GSK Initiative, education for children in street situation plays a crucial role in the social and economic reintegration for children in street situation in  any society; we see this also as a mechanism of integrating street children towards being responsible and self-reliant persons in the society.
The goal was to help them acquire knowledge on basic education and fundamental concepts in health, hygiene and other necessary areas, Also bring about changes in their mental capacity and their behavior and importantly to help in reshaping their attitude and thinking capacity.

We achieve  this through having Literacy Class, Moral Talk and Interactive Session with the children.