Vocational Training


As a way of improving the lives of the vulnerable in our society, GSK Initiative saddled herself with the responsibility to integrate out of school, vulnerable Children and youth at risk into a productive society for the betterment of economy and personal development.

Vocational training refers to instructional programs or courses that focus on the skills required for a particular job function or trade. Vocational training prepares individuals for specific careers, disregarding traditional, unrelated academic subjects.

Vocational training has attracted wide attention with its potential to alleviate poverty and improve youth employment in our society.

GSK Initiative perceived the importance of vocational training in societal need, which cannot  be over emphasized, this is because vocational training provides individuals all the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies for survival and sustainable financial stability  in this 21st century.


Through vocational training, which  pose  an advantage to enable out of school, vulnerable Children and youth at risk to become self-employ and empowered. This vocational training  sensitized, mobilized and  motivated them for self-reliance. Effective acquisition of vocational skills inculcate entrepreneurial skills that would help them to be  self-sufficient, which  will bring about financial stability.

The vocational programme helps in providing  proper knowledge, desirable social and cultural behaviours needed for sustainability.

Our Vocational training programme focuses on practical applications of skills learned, this programme has been regarded as a crucial vehicle for inclusion, social equity and sustainable development is designed  to help Orphan and Vulnerable Children at home and on street, youth at risk,  Women and parents of OVC beneficiaries ( POVCB). Our overall purpose is to elevate poverty rate in our society by enrolling and equipped  them with skills in whatever endeavor they choose in various skills acquisition centre to learn their desired vocation.

Financial support such as getting them necessary equipment to start up and practice what has been learnt during the period of apprenticeship  are been provided by the organization.