Message from the


As President and Executive Director of Global Support for Kids Initiative, I want to thank you for your interest in joining our vision in the bid to provide life-support services to millions of children in Nigeria, Africa and the world. This vision is driven by the call we have from the imperatives of our social conditioning which has thrown many children and young people alike into the deep pit of rejection and sheer neglect. These imperatives have further provided platforms for a redefinition of roles from which we found ours as a Non-profit organization dedicated to support quality education and meeting the needs of our children, young people and families.

We at GSK have come to recognize and promptly keyed into this call in the hope that through our collective efforts, street children and helpless young people are given the requisite cares that would, in not too distant time, provide them the courage to stand out as active members of their societies. In the least possible, we hope to give as many helpless young people a reason to live and resolve the crises of social denigration that has come to redefine ethics in Nigerian (African) societies today. Not limiting the scope of our services, we hope to create an enabling environment for all so much that the young would grow into defining their roles as members of their societies. Also, we target a society of love, care and peace, where every member would find their reasons to live for one another and give peace its proper place. If global peace is to be achieved, we at this end feel it has to start from care-giving and allowing everyone into the wide world of global citizenship.

The Initiative is in the interest of humanity committed to reducing and eventually ending child abuse and neglect. We have come to recognize the importance of fighting child abuse so that our work will have a lasting impact, and this is our major interest: To secure better places for suffering children and young people. We care for their health, education, social lives and crave their indulgence for the need to ‘live for the Other’ and extend the vision that birthed our Organization. We also provide lifesaving assistance during time of crisis, and help rebuild safer and stronger environment for the children and families.

There could be nothing rewarding than using your skills and experience to help vulnerable children expand opportunity for themselves and their families and work with them to fight abuse and neglect and at the same time support the struggle for the full implementation of Convention on the Right of the Child and other laws that guide and protect children and young people. I particularly welcome your interest in joining this diverse, talented, professional and committed team. Every position at Global Support for Kids Initiative contributes to realizing our overall vision and mission. If you are interested in a career dedicated to building a world that is fit for our children, I encourage you to take a step to support this great work. Let us work together in the hope to re(sus)tain the vision that birthed this project.