Education plays a crucial role in the social and economic integration of street children in any society; It is also a mechanism of integrating street children towards being responsible and self-reliant persons in the society.

Many street children express the desire to learn, with some of them showing great academic potentials, however, the reality is that many of them find it difficult to participate regularly in the normal classroom been used to a care – free life on the streets.


The goal was to:

Literacy Class

The organisation set up schools without walls for the street children, giving these marginalised children formal education by so doing preparing and giving them confidence to face the society and the world around them without any feeling of inferiority.

Moral Talk

This is an avenue where we talk to them (street children) on different aspects of life, how they can be useful and responsible for their selves and the society at large. on every visit there are different topics to be discussed, some of which are; ANGER MANAGEMENT, DRUG ABUSE, BEHAVIOURAL MANAGEMENT ETC.

Interactive Session

This is the process whereby we relate with the street children, listen to their views, opinions and what they are passing through also to know how we can come in to assist and advise them generally. the children pour out their minds during this session which makes our work much easier.


Active education

Providing vital information regarding available resources to meet their needs, including education, health and other support services.

essential provision

Providing food, clothing, hygiene products, blankets and other comfort items.

Professional counseling

Harm reduction counseling to address the risk associated with street life.