GSK Initiative Creed / Anthem

GSK Initiative Creed

I love Global Support for Kids Initiative

A great Organization

I love the founder of GSK Initiative

Who God gave the vision

To set out on a mission

To make small minds great.

I love the motto of GSK Initiative

That gears me to work hard always

I love my hard working coordinators

For the confidence they gave me

To know that I’m tomorrow’s leader

I love my peers and friends

For their fellowship and comradeship

Global Support for Kids Initiative great organization

Will live forever, serve forever and remain great forever.

GSK Initiative ANTHEM

global support for kids initiative

helping needy children in africa and beyond

protecting children’s rights everywhere

black or white, they are precious in our sight

listen to them, taking their views

promoting them and securing them

Child liberation is our concern.

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we believe in the power of community, because it broadings our reach.