Orphans And Vulnerable Children

Orphans and Vulnerable Children are set of children in our society who are orphan or whom parent are not financially buoyant to sponsor their education. GSK took it upon herself to take full responsibility of these children academic by enrolling them to school and taking care of their school needs from the elementary level to tertiary level. Also those that are willing to learning a vocation are properly enrolled in various skills acquisition centre to learn their desired vocation.

The purpose of this Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program is to improve the well-being of families as well as their vulnerable children and gives hope for better tomorrow to these children.

This is done through comprehensive and coordinated evidence-based interventions which strengthen the capacity of families and communities to care for vulnerable children in our society with high HIV prevalence, high maternal mortality and a high number of orphans and vulnerable children. Our aim is to ensure that children/adolescents are SAFE, SCHOOLED, STABLE, and HEALTHY. We care about offering holistic services to improve the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children.

Services are provided in a comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable manner using evidence-based interventions that focus on the child, household and community.Our support includes:


active education

Providing vital information regarding available resources to meet their needs, including education, health and other support services

essential provision

Providing food, clothing, hygiene products, blankets and other comfort items.

professional counseling

Harm reduction counseling to address the risk associated with street life.

GSK Initiative help Orphans and vulnerable children in our society that lost one their parent as a result of maternal mortality or both parent, living with their aged grandparents, also children who are directly affected by the disease or live in areas of high HIV prevalence, children who are made vulnerable due to the socio-economic, living with less privilege caregivers or who suffer violence and abuse, and at-risk adolescents (i.e. out-of-school, in poor households, exploited and abused).

The Organization also sponsor those willing to go back to school and throughout the years in school their school fees, uniforms, foot wears, textbooks etc. are bought for them so as to make life easier for them and to also become a better a person in future.GSK assist in different section so as to make them live a better life individually, for those willing to be EMPOWERED E.G Barbing, Tailoring, Bike Mechanics etc. the Organization get a place of their choice for them, pay the apprenticeship fee, provisions like Sanitary towel, bar soap, noodles, detergent, beverages etc. are provided for them on a monthly basis, also a proper monitoring was carried out on the children during and after the learning period.