Tutor Of Resilience Supporting

Traumatized Children

Resilience is the capacity proper to each human being to cope with difficult life experiences and overcome them. Resilience allows a new growth, a new stage of life in which the wound remains present, but it becomes part of this new life to another level of depth.

Putting resilience at the heart of GSK INITIATIVE commitment GSK is convinced that resilience is essential when supporting vulnerable children. Children victims of violence, abused children, children displaced by conflicts or natural disasters or children in conflict with the law, all are able to find within themselves the necessary resources to heal their visible and invisible wounds. But we must help them. Many psycho-social studies have shown that it is possible to isolate, for specific groups, protection and risk factors which could strengthen or weaken resilience. The (resilience) capacity is neither fixed nor absolute, but it is built up through a process of interactions with others. It is not about denying the problems but being taught how to overcome them.

This is the role of GSK “Tutors of Resilience” trainings. Resilience has been at the core of GSK reflection. Indeed, the resilience capacity of each child must be recognised, valued, and promoted.

GSK trains tutors of resilience This programme aims at supporting the action and enriching the reflection of professionals working with vulnerable children: educators, psychologists, social workers, etc. Its objective is two-fold:


active education

Providing vital information regarding available resources to meet their needs, including education, health and other support services

essential provision

Providing food, clothing, hygiene products, blankets and other comfort items.

professional counseling

Harm reduction counseling to address the risk associated with street life.