Back to school never looks so good on every child

The start of a new school session can mean going back to previous stressful activities of learning after a long break. The new start often mean a lots of changes, new routines and meeting new people, young children are often wary of strangers and want to stay close to their parents and other familiar and trusted caregivers until they are old enough to talk clearly about their feelings, it’s hard to explain to them that a new caregiver is going to protect them, which means it takes time for children to get used to new faces.

Approximately, sixty percent of school-aged children are sensitive and easily worried, and as a result of that, they will need more time to adjust to the new session. It’s often easier for young children to make the transition if they have spent some time with their parents and new teachers together. Parents also often worry about their children transition and it’s easier to keep calm and be re-assuring if they know their child’s teacher and they feel comfortable with them.

Fears and potential adaptations are ahead for parents and children because returning to school is always a time for parents and teachers to re-visit what is important for children and how to support their positive development through the teachers and administrators creations of daily structures and routines to help children learn by initiating enabling environment that complement the learning process to fulfil their purpose while the parents also make sure their child has a daily, predictable routine with regular times for healthy meals, naps and night sleeps at home. Provisions for the utilities that will make going to school a desired experience for them in all preparedness for a better result.

According to ARTICLE26 (1) of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS says ‘’every child around the world has the right to free basic education and by this, poverty is no excuse while basic education is theoretically free. Parents are saddled with the responsibility of providing necessary materials for their children to enjoy ‘’Basic education’’. Due to economic fragility, parents are unable to provide these academic needs causing setbacks for the child.

Global Support for Kids Initiative, being a community based non-governmental and non-profit organization that give hope to children at large, helping the less privileged in her environment deem it fit to alleviate the financial burden of starting a new session on parent of deprived and vulnerable children as her Cooperate Social Responsibility C.S.R tagged ‘’ BACK TO SCHOOL PROGRAM 2022’’ to have access to the basic schooling utilities like school bags, textbooks, ruler, school sandals, exercise books, pencils, socks, lunch box, school fee and lots more. In collaboration with the targeted schools within the states and other relevant stakeholders.

GSKINITIATIVE is interested in inclusive education to make sure all children have access  to basic education to get back in school while we continue to contribute our quota in this regard.

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