INTERNATIONAL DAY OF STREET CHILDREN (IDSC) is been celebrated globally since 2012 to recognize the humanity, dignity and defiance of street connected children in the face of unimaginable hardships. The event is usually celebrated on the 12th day in the month of April. In 1989, the unitednations held a convention on the rights of the child. According to the convention, some of the rights that all children in the world should have include the right to; safe, stable, loving and nurturing environment, healthcare and nutrition, clean water and electric power, equal opportunities and live in dignity and freedom. Sadly, the children living in street situation are denied these rights.

Overtime in the chronicles of humanity, the indications and substantial examples establish the decadence in the mind of the society towards the welfare of the street connected children. As analyzed by UNICEF: under-aged children literally look out for livelihood due to many reasons which cannot be overemphasized.

Global support for kids initiative act as the voice of street connected children to promote a safe and accommodating environment for them, to indulge them with good practices, find solution to challenges, change the system that cause harm and sensitizing the society. Among others we also;

COMMIT TO EQUALITY: expressing the right of a street connected child as everyone’s child.

PROTECT EVERY CHILD: every child has a fundamental right which should not be denied and their interest being protected while the street connected children are not excluded.

PROVIDE ACCESS TO SERVICES: a direct access to amenities like health care, nutrition and education is what the street connected children are entitled to.

GSK INITIATIVE which has been working with the street connected children since the year 2003, our activities and campaigns have recorded tremendous effect in Africa and the world at large. The initiative would join the world in celebrating this year 2023 IDSC, theme: keeping the street connected children safe. It has being realized that children living in street situation are the most excluded and unprotected in the world, they are side lined, not loved nor appreciated. Furthermore, their situation is made more difficult as a result of social perceptions of street connected children, there are discriminations and low or non- acceptance of the children which makes the environment not safe for them. Also, they are being abused and used for illegal activities, which includes; crime, robbery, child labor, thuggrey et al. Street children are frequently targeted by the security agencies, beaten, held and charged without due processes. Government, policies, institutions, and communities exclude the street children and deny them their basic human rights. Life on the street exposes children to a myriad of risks and robs them of their safety and comfort. GSKI would be sensitizing the society on the need to stop the segregation and discrimination in order to make the world safe and friendly for every child living in street situation.

The organization would also be inviting security agencies on that day to sensitize the street children on how to stay off negative influence and be safe while on the street, in addition, health workers will engage the children with aerobic exercises for mental alertness/ wellness and a general body check up will be done for the children for free in order to commemorate the day. Branded sleeping blankets will be given to all street connected children in order to prevent them from the cold weather at night also hygiene products will be distributed. This day will be educative, fun filed and lively for the street connected children.

GSK INITIATIVE is calling out to individuals, organizations; volunteers, who wish to give back to the society, sponsor and support this great event in order to reach out to more street connected children out there in the society.

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