Street children are homeless; they spend day and night on the street with no one to take care of them. They are without shelter leaving them exposed to the harsh weather condition, this children usually engage themselves in petty jobs to survive; some beg for alms, while some scavenge and others involved in illegal activities. The Yoruba’s identify these children as ‘OSANLES’ which means ‘children who ran away from home’; they live in the slum, abandoned buildings, under bridges, workshops and under the open sky. Street children are deprived of family care; love and protection, some of the causes which led the children to the street are; abject poverty, loss of parents, domestic violence, divorce, physical and sexual abuse, displacement, and others.

Street children are found globally especially in most developing countries where children are subjected to all manners of abuse. There are children who are not actually homeless or without families but live in environment where there is little or no supervision, protection and directions from responsible adults. Children on the street feel the society, authorities and families have failed them because of the harsh conditions in which they find themselves, some children choose to make the street there alternative home out of frustration of what is being faced in the home while some are out in the street to work and top up family incomes.

Street children can be categorized into different groups; The children who work and live in the street and have no home to go back to, all their daily activities are carried out in the street. While others work on the street during the day and at night return to their families, due to the situation of things at home they come to the street to work in other to survive. Living on the street is tough for them; they get kicked, beaten and laughed at. The major problems the children face while on the street are hunger, diseases, violence, abuse, uncleanness, absence of love, lack of education.

Street children dreams; yes! They dream of a brighter future, but the society where they dwell seems harsh on them, treating them in an ill manner way, which has killed their dreams and hopes for a better tomorrow. Every child have future ambitions of becoming Doctors, Lawyers, Pilots and others; the street children are not to be exempted from this, show them the love they desire, show them the care, give them the attention, correct them with love, and support them to chase their dreams. Street children are part of the society; it’s time for the society to embrace the STREET CHILD.

GLOBAL SUPPORT FOR KIDS INITIATIVE is poised to minimize the incessant increase of child abuse in our society and give hope to street children. Article 27 of the convention on the right of child (CRC) declare that “states parties recognize the right of every child to a standard of living adequate for child’s physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development. Children on the street are denied each one of those rights that is why we work to make sure they are adequately cared for. GSK INITIATIVE continuously strives to provide life saving service to street children and at risk youth. We provide food, clothing and hygiene products, giving resource information and referrals. We teach basic life skills so they can survive off the streets, help to build a foundation away from the streets and street life.


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