For 20 years, GLOBAL SUPPORT FOR KIDS INITIATIVE has been working with vulnerable children also minimizes the incessant increase of child abuse in our society through a unique approach of listening to children, taking their views seriously and promotes their interest.

Over the past years, the organization has been able to build a strong connection with government ministries and law enforcement agencies in a bid to protect child rights and proper interventions of special cases; the organization has significantly impacted thousands of lives in their jurisdictions and has involved parents of our orphan and vulnerable children in our empowerment scheme which in turn serves as a means of financial livelihood for them.

As an organization who focus on things that will make a positive difference to children lives, giving priority to vulnerable ones use this platform to liberate children in street situation, empower them and also enroll some into a vocational training of their choices. GSK INITIATIVE also involve in BACK TO SCHOOL and SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMMES.

In recognition of this milestone year, and to thank the community for its support, GSK INITIATIVE marked this day with staff, supporters, and well wishers.

“I am most proud of the fact that over our 20years, GSK INITIATIVE has continually found ways to impact positively and improve the life of children, families and communities in the best way possible and we hope to do more” said Olowookere (president/Executive director GSKI). “We have embraced change and have experienced tremendous growth over the years. Our scope of reach has widened in order to meet the needs of children, families and at risk youth we are impacting”.

Furthermore, GSK INITIATIVE will continue to advocate for the children, extend our programs to children/ juvenile home and also support individuals and organizations working to protect children from Abuse and Neglect in Africa and the world at large. GSK INITIATIVE is calling out individuals, organizations, volunteers who wish to partner, sponsor and support this great course in order to reach out to more vulnerable children out there in the society.


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