Global Support for Kids Initiative on Friday 16th of June,2023 joined its fellow counterpart to commemorate this year Day of The African Child with 250 students of Knowledge is power group of school, Ado- Ekiti, Ekiti State Nigeria.

Every 16th of June has been declared by theAfrica Union (AU) to celebrate Day Of The African Child globally. It is a day set aside to commemorate African children who lost their lives while fighting for a course to be taught in their own language, thereby trying to put an end to racism in Soweto town, South African in 1976 at the hands of Armed police officers who responded to the protest, thereby leading to loss of hundred lives.

Theme for the year ‘’The Rights of the Child in A Digital Environment’’ highlight and address the important of technology to human development and also increase awareness among children and the general public with the aim of making children of this generation to be digitally innovative in a way that bring progress to the world at large.

The programme for the day commenced as the staff and students all stand up to recite the National Anthem, followed by calling the guest to the high table which was anchored by the moderator, in person of Mr Idowu.

The Executive Director, Mr Opeyemi Olajide Olowookere who was ably represented by Adebisi Olamiposi welcome everyone to this year DAY OF THE AFRICAN CHILD celebration.

He said in his speech that ‘’ Day of the Africa Child is an opportunity to recommit to global focus by giving attention to the barriers African children face in order to access quality education and proffer a solution to this limitations. ”

He furthered said that ”This is a New Era of Positive Change in our thinking, perception and where we move beyond wrong use of digital knowledge for negative things. Indeed it is time to ensure the digital knowledge is use to served humanity for a better world’’

The School principal in person of Mr Tunde Alabi, gave his welcome speech and also appreciate the Executive Director of the organisation and his team for the great work they have been doing in impacting and liberating lives in the society. He implored the students to give a rapt attention and make sure that the knowledge acquired from this programme is not deserted.

The introduction of the organization, its areas of focus and its humanitarian service and success stories was done by Miss Olamiposi (GSK Initiative Staff) in addition, she talked about the year the organization was founded and its first location .

According to Mr Benson (GSK Initiative Staff) gave a brief history about Day of The African Child . He enlighten the students by telling them what happened soweto, South Africa in 1976 and why we celebrate DAC today, which is to honour the courage of the fallen heroes and in memory of those killed, in 1991 the Organization of African Unity (now the African Union) established the DAY OF THE AFRICAN CHILD.

The facilitator for the day in person Mr GbegbaOyelakin an IT Consultant, impacted the student with more knowledge on the topic ‘’ Significant of Digital World to Human Development’’. Digital revolution is the shift from mechanical and analogue electronic technology from the industrial revolution toward digital electronic which began in the latter half of the 20th century with the adoption and proliferation of digital computers and digital record-keeping.

In his lecture, he alighted the significant ,advantages and disadvantages of digitalization and how it affects human development. Mr Gbenga stated further that digital world has really improve the standard of living of people in human society and brought about great development in all sphere of human endeavour. He also mentioned that there is need to be guided in the operation or use of the digital tools to get the best from it usage.”

At the end of the lecture, the floor was open for questions and answers session in which the students asked questions for clarity. The Students nominate two representatives from each class to represent them in the questions and answers session and each winners were presented with a gift while the audience were not left out has they cheer them up.

In rounding up the programme, the staff gave vote of thanks and the school principal, Mr Tunde Alabi in turn appreciated the organization for their wonderful work to humanity. Group pictures were taken to put the day on record while the student were served refreshment and the staff and student all danced in bringing the event to an end.

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