On April 3rd 2024, Global Support for Kids Initiative embarked on advocacy visit to some critical stakeholders in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti state. Being the first of its kinds, the day’s activities commenced promptly at 10:00 am with a meeting at the Ministry of Education. Here, the team met with Director Mrs. Omotosho F.L., where the Country Director outlined GSKi’s mission and stressed the significance of collaboration between civil society organizations (CSOs) like GSKi and government bodies, particularly in the realm of Child Protection Policy of the government. The discussion also delved into the challenges faced by child-centered institutions in implementing such policies, referencing an executive order from Lagos State Government in 2016 which made it mandatory that the rights of the Children are safeguarded in all children centered Institutions.

Moving forward, at the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, the team engaged with Deputy Director Mrs. Asubiojo Regina, reaffirming their commitment to ongoing collaboration and support for Global Support for Kids Initiative. The ministry acknowledged GSKi’s efforts and welcomed continued engagement, highlighting the importance of addressing child rights issues comprehensively.

The visit then progressed to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, where discussions focused on environmental programs and child protection measures. Permanent Secretary Mr. Babatunde Alokan queried GSKi’s approach to child rights abuses and its collaboration with states regarding policy implementation. The team shared updates on ongoing initiatives and collaborations, stressing the need for cohesive action across all levels.

The visit concluded at the Ministry of Justice, where the team interacted with Permanent Secretary Sunday Julius Bamise ESQ. Discussions revolved around legal frameworks for child protection and the ministry’s proactive stance in prosecuting offenders. The ministry expressed readiness to support GSK initiative and collaborate on cases involving child rights violations.

Lastly, the team visited the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) in Ikare Ekiti, discussing partnership opportunities in ensuring child safety and security. Commandant General Agboola A. Sunday affirmed NSCDC’s commitment to supporting GSKi’s endeavors and encouraged continued communication for effective collaboration.

This was achieved by the Global Support for Kids Initiative (GSKi) team, under the leadership of Soleye Akingbade (Country Director) and the members of staff which included key members such as Olamiposi Balogun (Finance & Grant Manager), Abiola Oyefeso (Program Officer), Usin Etim Benson (Child Protection Officer), and Prophetess Adeshola Ogunjobi from the Ranti Adeshola Foundation,.

Overall, these visits served to strengthen partnerships, raise awareness about child welfare issues, and pave the way for future collaborations between GSKi and the MDAs.

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