Theme: Equalize

Over decades humans health remain as a major concern that affect half of the humans population on Earth. Every 1st of December, which was set aside to celebrate World Aid Day (WAD) globally with the year  theme ” Equalize”.

GSK Initiative as a member of Civil Society on Hiv & Aids,  (CiSHAN) EKITI CHAPTER  join it members society to commemorate World Aids Day, 2022 by  creating awareness, sensitize the general public about AIDS and carrying out of test to the member of the society.

This year theme ” Equalize” focus on equal access to Hiv test for all, access to Hiv treatment, equalise access to  Hiv service to all pregnant women for a HIV free generation, Equal service to babies and children for a HIV free generation and also to end stigma and stigmatization of people living with HIV which is  a call to action for every individual  to address inequalities which has been hindering the progress in ending AIDS in our society. Although the AIDS pandemic are inevitable but we believe by equalizing  we can tackle and end AIDS.

The commemoration started with  road walk rally which includes sensitization and public awareness  to people to know their status and also  free medical tests and preventive measures for the general public  was on ground in line with UNAID 95- 95- 95, which encourage large number of people to turn out from different age range to do their Hiv tests and other tests such as  blood pressure, malaria and typhoid test.

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