QUADRI SODIPO a 18 years old  YOUTH AT RISK of LAFENWA Abeokuta OGUN state has been reintegrated back with his family with the help of Global support for Kids Initiative on the 9th of September 2022. QUADRI who has been on the street of LAFENWA after running away from home for  no reason,  was spotted by the staff of the organization, after so many counseling session, interactive session and every other psychosocial activities carried out with him alongside other street connected children, QUADRI was convinced in his heart to return back to his parent.

QUADRI’s parent who said they’ve been searching for him for a long time and finally gave up on their search with the hope that he will return home when he feels like, were excited to see their son brought to them with the help of the organization and expressed how happy they are to see their son after a long while.

Advice was given to them to make sure QUADRI is well-taken care of, also more attention should be given to him because he is at the early stage of his life where everything does not feel right to him. QUADRI was advised not to think of leaving his parent’s house because he’s too young to be on the street. More so, he needs’ to find something reasonable to do with his life and be productive to himself and his society, especially his family. The family appreciated the organization for helping them locate their son and bringing him back home to them. Since he has returned home, the organizations’ follow-up team has been keeping a close watch on him to know how well he is doing.

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