WASIU FERANMI popularly called IBADAN/ BENZIMA is one of Global Support for Kids Initiative OVC (orphan and vulnerable) beneficiary learning hair cut at New Look Barbing Salon Ori Omi, Abeokuta, Ogun State. FERANMI was introduced to Global Support for Kids Initiative by ALHAJA SONEYE one of the organization welfare committee members on the 1st June, 2021. The organization familiarized themselves and had interactive session with him to know what led him to the street of LAFENWA, he said “ I lost my father to the cold hands of death at my tender age, I am 14years old, born on the 9th December 2005, am a Christian, after the death of my father I was asked to live with my paternal grandfather but things were not rosy, so I came back to my mother’s place. Anytime things go missing at home my mother holds’ me responsible for it which I don’t like coupled with the fact that my mother is not financially buoyant that is why I left home to find a means to survive on the street”.

FERANMI engage in scavenging and sells to the Mallam’s for survival, he sleeps in an uncompleted building near an incinerator. Survival was hard for him and others as they survive with the little, they make, he engages in taking hard drugs in order to sleep at night and be free from the cold weather, put on a cloth for several weeks and have his bath occasionally. FERANMI joined the numbers of children the organization work with, on a weekly basis he participates in our activities which includes Psychosocial activity, Moral talk, Interactive session and Literacy class. During the literacy class the staff realized he could not read nor write well but now due to the constant teaching he has improved. The organization provides FERANMI with his basic needs such as; feeding, clothing, footwears and other hygiene products.

FERANMI who is known to be respectful, loyal and always participating in our activities showed interest in learning BARBING/ HAIR CUT in the month of August 2021. He said to the staff “I have interest in learning barbing, I love helping people to look nice and I want to become a hair stylist in future”. The organization saw the zeal and seriousness in him and he was enrolled to NEW LOOK BARBING SALON at ORI- OMI ABEOKUTA under the supervision of GLOBAL SUPPORT FOR KIDS’ INITIATIVE and his boss MR IDRIS SOWAMI on the 27th September, 2021. His apprenticeship fee was paid and proper documentation was done, the necessary requirements requested from his boss were provided.

FERANMI since then as showed commitment in his vocational training, GSK initiative representative check up on him on weekly basis, and also provides him with weekly allowance and any other thing he needs to make his learning easier.

In the month of July 2022 Global Support for Kids Initiative representatives did home tracing on WASIU FERANMI, we met with his mother and siblings, she made us know all efforts to find FERANMI was abortive as she searched every where for him. On this day, FERANMI was re integrated back home, the joy and happiness were restored back in their home as their lost son/ brother came back home. GSK representative advised the mother also FERANMI before taking their leave, constant check up is done for FERANMI at home and in his training center.

Through the relentless efforts of the organization FERANMI will be graduating from his vocational training on the 16th December, 2022. All equipment’s to start up his shop was bought by the organization.

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